How do I hook up the Ethernet on the AS/400 through TCP/IP?
When using the Printek Windows driver, I get really dark print and the print speed is slow.
When running the FormsPro 4X0X with a Twinax attachment I get garbage characters printed at the top of the form or along the right-hand side.
After setting up the printer forms length in SETUP: FORMS, I send the job to the printer and after the job is complete it does not form-feed to the tear bar or the print is going into the next page.

There may be a few things wrong here. First, check to make sure you have TOP MARGIN set to 0 (we recommend using SCROLL + and PRINT ADJUST on the 4X0X printers to move the print down the page and ALIGN PRINT on the 800X). Second, unload the form and then reload it. If you press the FORM FEED button on the printer the form should go right to the tear bar. If it does, your printer is set up correctly; if it doesn’t, check the forms length for that form number. If the forms length is correct, the problem lies in your software or device driver.

How do I change forms through the Windows driver?

The Win 95™ driver works a little different than most. You actually have 11 different drivers in one. When you install the driver it will ask you which driver you want. You’ll notice the first selection is Printek FormsPro, then Printek FormsPro F0 through Printek FormsPro F9. If you DO NOT want to change forms, then load the first driver, Printek FormsPro. If you DO want to change forms, then load each driver for each form you have. For example, let’s say you have three forms: Invoices, Bills of Lading, and Reports. You want the Invoices in Form 0, the Bills of Lading in Form 1, and the Reports in Form 2. You would then load the Printek FormsPro F0, Printek FormsPro F1, and Printek FormsPro F2 drivers from the list. You may also change the name of the printer in your Printers window to Invoices, Bills of Lading, and Reports.

The WinNT™ 4.0 driver is a little easier. Once you install the driver, you bring up the Properties of the printer and set up your forms. You'll notice you have several different paper sizes to choose from. You also have a paper source setting; this is where you set up what form number goes with which form. (It only goes up to Form 8; this is normal.) If you don't see the paper size you need, then go back to the Printers window and right-click on the printer and select Server Properties. There you may set up a custom form. The maximum width available is 13.6".

How do I change forms on my UNIX™ system?

You’ll want to use the echo command for this. Try sending this sequence: echo "\033\033\067\033\114\000 - 011 (this is the form number you want to print to) \033\033\077". If you are getting an extra line feed, put a \C after the \077.

How do I change forms when I’m connected Twinax to an AS/400?

Contact Technical Support for the “Selecting Forms Through Software” flyer. It will answer any questions about changing forms you may have.

What does the “No/Wrong Ribbon” error message mean?

It means the printer has NOT detected a Printek brand ribbon. If you are using generic ribbons, enter the OPTIONS menu and change RIBBON CHECK to OFF. It will alert you and let you know that your printhead warranty is limited. Using Printek ribbons adds an additional year to the printhead warranty. If you are using Printek ribbons and you encounter this message, the device the printer is looking for may not be present. Disable the Ribbon Check feature and when it's time to change the ribbon again, turn the Ribbon Check back on.

I get a “Paper Jam” error message when I try to load a form and then a “Too Much Paper” message when I try to unload the form.

What may be happening is the shuttle mechanism has lost track of its position. This is usually caused by a power outage or by some kind of electrical disturbance (i.e., thunderstorms). What you’ll want to do is reset the shuttle. You do this by first turning off the power. Next, open the case; you’ll want to make sure you unload all forms from the printer first. Now hold onto the base of the printer right at the front. Next, use the palm of your other hand to push the shuttle assembly to the rear of the printer. You’ll want to push on the square shaft running through the front set of forms tractors. Now close the case and turn the power back on. You should not hear any grinding or buzzing noises. If your forms load OK, then you’ve fixed the problem.

What are the escape sequences to change forms?

In Printek mode, use 1B4Cn where n = 0–9. In Epson mode, use 1B19n where n = 0–2. It is important to know that Epson mode will only change between forms 0, 1, and 2. Printek will allow for forms 0–9. If you would like to select Printek mode via an escape sequence, use 1B1B07 to enter Printek mode and then use 1B1B3F to return to the previous emulation.

My printer displays “Paper Jam” when there really isn’t one.

You have a false paper jam condition. What has most likely happened is the jam detector has become filled with dust. You can clean this easily with a can of compressed air. Open the case and look at the underside of the portion that is raised in the air. You’ll see a strip of black metal that runs the width of the printer. About two inches left of center you’ll see a cutout in the black metal and a little wheel in that cutout. That wheel is your jam detector. Use the can of compressed air on the wheel. This should take care of your problem. It’s recommended to keep the printer relatively free of dirt and dust. Blowing the printer out once or twice a month should do the trick.

How do I define a form size with the Printek Windows 2000 Driver?

To define a new Windows 2000 form, bring up the start menu by clicking on the “Start” button of Windows 2000.

Drag the mouse up to the “Settings” menu item, and wait for the “printers” item to appear. Drag the mouse to the “printers” item and click it. The “printers” window should appear. From the “File” menu, select the “Server Properties” option. If the “Forms” page is not displayed, click the “Forms” tab.

Once the “Forms” dialog page is displayed, you may create a new form by first selecting an existing form. Then click the “Create a New Form” check box. Enter a name to be used to identify the form. Select the units as either “Metric” or “English.” Enter the paper size and margins using the appropriate units. Then click the “Save Form” button.

After the new form has been created, you may assign the form to an existing paper source as described below.

To assign a form name to a paper source, bring up the start menu by clicking the “Start” button of Windows 2000.

Drag the mouse up to the “Settings” menu item, and wait for the “printers” item to appear. Drag the mouse to the “printers” item and click it. The “printers” window should appear.

Configure the printer by clicking the printer icon and selecting the “Properties” option from the “File” or “printer” menus. Click the “Device Settings” property tab to assign predefined forms to paper sources.

Once the “Device Settings” tab of the “Properties” dialog is displayed, select a paper source such as “Form 1” by clicking it. To assign a form to the paper source, click on the appropriate form name in the “Change Form X Setting” list box (where X is replaced by the form to be configured). Note: Only forms capable of being printed on your printer will be displayed in the list box.

After all of the desired forms have been configured, click the “OK” button. The forms should now be available from your applications.

When setting an IP address from the front panel of the 85x/86x series printer, I receive a “LAN TIMEOUT” error.

The Ethernet loopback adapter must be connected to the serial port of the printer and the Ethernet card. The Ethernet cable must also be connected to the card.

Why does the display on the 850/860 model read “HOT - Paused….” And the LED flashes green and amber?

The printer is in a cool-down mode. The printer will display this message after approximately 20 minutes of continuous printing. The printer will then continue to print after a short cooling period.

I cannot configure the serial port on my 85x/86x model printer.

Make sure the LAN setting is not set to ON.

Because the 850/860 series printer does not have a “paper right edge sensor,” how do I know what the correct right margin setting should be for my form?

Right Margin Setting = CPI (10, 12, 17.1, etc.) x Form Width.

Example: If CPI is set for 10 and form width is 8.5 inches (10 x 8.5 = 85), right margin setting would be 85.