"PrintekBlue" is a simple app that demonstrates the ability of the Android host to print to a PrintekMobile thermal printer. The app facilitates making a connection to a PrintekMobile Bluetooth printer, then allows the user to select from a number of sample files to print. Users may also select a blank form template and fill in data fields using drop down menus or the pop-up keypad, and then print the resulting screen image to a connected PrintekMobile printer. Perhaps the best feature of this app is that registered Printek customers can gain access to the source code, which shows developers how to easily integrate mobile printing into their own custom Android application. 

"PrintekBlue" works best on a 7" or 10.1" tablet with Android tablet OS v3.1 or higher. The app has been demonstrated to run on earlier versions of Android tablet OS, and on Android phones (phone OS v2.2 or higher), but some reduced functionality and stability may be experienced. In general, PrintekMobile Bluetooth printers with firmware version 6.1 or higher are required and should connect with Android hosts noted above.

To download the PrintekBlue app, please click on the link below. This will take you to Google Play where you can download the app. If you have any questions, please call our Tech Support Department at (800) 368-4636.


Android Virtual Print App

Call Tech Support for details on this app and to receive download instructions.